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Dec 5, 2013 6:00pm PST
zealand, john key wrote, mr. mandela was a force for change not only in south africa, but around the world. reacting tonight, muhammad ali wrote, his was a spirit born free. destined to soar above the rainbows. today his spirit is soaring through the heavens. he is now forever free. new york's cardinal dolan wrote, nelson mandela was a hero to the world. his bravery in defending human rights against the great evil of apartheid made him a symbol of courage and dignity as well as an inspiration to people everywhere. and mandela's great friend, archbishop foundation wrote in his name his fearless generosity and leadership were in the service of transcending our differences by seeking our oneness as human beings. and here's the "new york" magazine cover, a tribute to the young mandela, young freedom fighter. tonight, bono, mandela's great supporter and friend wrote, in the end, nelson mandela showed us how to love rather than hate, not because he never surrendered to rage or violence but because he learned love would do a better job. >> andrea mitchell in our d.c. bureau tonight. andrea, thank
Dec 6, 2013 5:30pm PST
: through the cold corridors. >> this is number 7. the cell of mr. nelson mandela. >> reporter: and into the tiny cells. this is where mandela spent almost two decades. a cold stone cubicle. no plumbing. a thin mat for sleeping. hard labor in the prison rock quarry. a hard life day in and day out. ahmed muhammed cusrata was a fellow political prisoner but now a retired member of parliament. one of mandela's closest friends. >> we were sentenced to life in imprisonment, and we knew that for political prisoners, life meant life. >> reporter: but he said mandela never asked for special treatment. in fact, he refused it. >> he could have been exempted from work at the quarry. he refused. 1977, 13 years after we were in prison, he was offered release. he refused. >> reporter: over the years in prison, mandela developed a unique friendship with this man. one of his guards, crito brand. >> i don't know at all who mandela was when i started at robben island. >> reporter: a warm friendship began to develop and one day brand broke all the rules for madiba as mandela was called by his friends. mand
Dec 6, 2013 4:00am PST
. >> we go to roba from johannesburg. this is not unexpected given mr. mandela's house. we might ask now how are south africans reacting? >> reporter: richard, news of nelson mandela's death was announced just before midnight. so inevitably still today many of south africans are still learning the news that the father of this nation passed away during the evening. here his suburban home in johannesburg many hundreds of people have come. the mood here is not somber at all, though. there have been very few people here in tears. people have come to celebrate his life and the lives that they've been able to achieve and to live as a result of his sacrifice. people here also wondering precisely what happens next, and we're awaiting details in the next few hours about a lying in state and about nelson mandela's burial, which once diplomats are saying that the plan resembled the biggest state funeral for any former leader south of winston churchill. >> thank you. rohi for us in south africa. now to nbc's brian williams with a look at mandela's incredible life and unwavering spirit. >> to deny an
Dec 9, 2013 11:00am PST
province of south africa. a distant part of this country where mr. mandela was born and where he grew up as a young boy. so several events still for many days packed with a lot of emotion as the country and world say good-bye and farewell and pay tribute to nelson mandela. now back to you. >>> breaking news just coming into our newsroom. an after-school worker at a bay area catholic school is under arrest, accused of having a sexual relationship with a student. police in hayward say 29-year-old mia cummings and the 14-year-old victim have had an inappropriate relationship for two years. cummings is an after-school program assistant at all saints catholic school. she is facing eight felony counts of lewd acts with a child. police do not believe cummings victimized any other children. >>> still to come, first the sales now the holiday shipping crunch. but how do you make sure your packages are safe? the answer is coming up in a live report. >>> a coalition of high-tech companies take on government spying. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. >>> and a fixer upper. definitely a
Dec 10, 2013 2:05am PST
in the early '50s. a friend of mine, simon, who knew him better, introduced me to him. mr. mandela, a very wise man. not knowing our lives were intertwined and bound together by destiny. wh in the early '50s, i got to know madiba better. madiba's greatness as a leader stems from his humility and his great belief in the persuasion and respect. he believed in sharing insights and listening to and learning from others. when the doors to peaceful demonstration, and other political organizations, madiba persuaded them to take up arms in defense of the right of our people. we carried out what madiba was operating on the ground, i together with five other s othe 1961 to the end of 1962 sent out to the peoples republic. i worked together with him. upon my return from china, i became a member of the national high command, an organization that was supervising the activities. on the 11th of june, 1971, together with madiba, for attempting to overthrow the apartheid government through violent means. we were eventually found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. in prison, madiba's leadership
Dec 10, 2013 7:00am PST
unfortunately, mr. mandela was quite ill for several months. but still, the coordination of this, the security concerns of this, extraordinary. >> reporter: well, as you know, they have been quietly planning for his death for quite some time. but they didn't know how many heads of state would be here. it was a remarkable feat, given the number of government leaders they had here. they put a security plan together, they got them all in and out safely. there didn't appear to be a lot of screening or any screening of all, those of us who came in the stadium here today, perhaps a reflection of the mood, and little fear, given the fact that most of the dignitaries were behind bulletproof glass and able to come in a separate entrance. >> lester holt in soweto, south africa for us this morning. an event that started about 1:00 west coast time, involving all those prayers and speeches by dignitaries and ending just a short time ago. lester, thank you very much. we'll have more coverage coming up right now with savannah. >> let's bring in nbc's brian williams, also in soweto, also mandela's ho
Dec 10, 2013 12:35am PST
reputation involving some rumors about romantic entanglement and the former mrs. rupert murdoch. the british papers have been giving him a tough time. he, too, has a deep and multi year relationship with nelson mandela. >> he does, indeed. and also the role as middle east negotiator for economic rights. he was and still remains on the world stage and had very close relationship with nelson mandela. you were speaking about the possibility of [ inaudible ] and it calls to mind the only known encounter between an american president and a post-revolutionary period cuban leader was in september of 2000, that day at the united nations ca castro came side by side with clinton. shook hands with bill clinton. today he has two speakers among these very special dignitaries, president obama and raul castro. that will be closely watched checking in with people who flew over in air force one and members of the international security team have no assurances of seating arrangements or any ways of keeping them apart. you don't know whether or not according to protocol or however they are going to arr
Dec 9, 2013 5:00am PST
including president and mrs. obama, he is expected to speak. presidents bush, clinton and carter, united nations secretary ban ki-moon, canada's prime minister. nelson mandela was made an honorary canadian citizen years after his imprisonment on robben island. >> he was in robben island, not happy to be there but made the best of it. ♪ >> reporter: people continue to bring flowers to the gate outside mandela's home and now we're getting more insight on his final hours inside. a friend who saw mandela two hours before he dies says he was sleeping peacefully, not on life support but clearly near the end. >> when i arrived i was taken to his bedroom and i saw him, and i could see that he's different from the conditions i saw him earlier on. i could sense that he is -- he is now giving up. >> reporter: after a day of prayer sunday this nation is coming together to say good-bye to the man they call madiba, father and friend. >> thousands of princeton students have the option to get a meningitis vaccine though it's not licensed for use in the united states. the ivy league school experienced
Dec 6, 2013 6:00pm PST
information on how mandela will be honored. after ten days of national mourning, a state funeral will be held. president and mrs. obama are among those scheduled to attend along with every living u.s. president and various other leaders from around the world. mandela will be buried december 15th in a private service in the village where he grew up. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us how mandela is being remembered by a few people here in the bay area who played a small role in mandela's effort to end apartheid. >> reporter: there are many pictures in the collection of reverend cecile williams but the one he counts as his most precious is the photo of him with nelson mandela. >> that picture you see of me speaking from after greeting him at that particular point is a picture that i cherish. >> reporter: the picture was taken during mandela's 1990 visit to the oakland coliseum four months after released from prison. williams was there to greet him. >> i was just so, so overcome by this man who was not just soft spoken, but who articulated and interpreted to people his genuine humanness
Dec 6, 2013 7:00am PST
was a protest against apartheid. >> reporter: as a senator obama had visited mandela, and the president and mrs. obama brought their doubters to robben island prison so they could better understand what mandela had suffered. after he died, michelle obama tweeted we will forever draw strength and inspiration from nelson mandela's extraordinary example of moral courage, kindness and humility. bill clinton tweeted a picture and wrote, "i will never forget my friend madibaa," use the affectionate name by which mandela was known to his followers. mandela wasn't always on the u.s. side. in the 1980s president reagan supported apartheid regime, and eastern as protests broke out an college campuses across america demanding the u.s. punish the regime. ♪ ♪ free mandela >> reporter: "free nelson mandela" became a popular anthem for black and white americans. finally, congress, including key republicans, overrode reagan's veto imposing the economic sanctions that helped break the apartheid regime. that set the stage for mandela's triumphant visit to washington as his country's preside
Dec 9, 2013 7:00am PST
and mrs. obama are traveling to south africa today to attend tuesday's public memorial service for nelson mandela. the anti-apartheid icon died thursday at the age of 95. former president george w. bush and his wife were invited to join the obamas aboard air force one. president obama's expected to speak at the service which is being held at a 90,000-seat sports stadium in johannesburg. >>> some of the nation's top reformers of all time were honored last night in washington. piano man billy joel, opera star martina arroyo, herbie hancock, shirley maclaine and carlos santana received kennedy center honors. the president was among those paying tribute. >>> prince harry's trek to the south pole with the teams of wounded service members including one from the u.s. is no longer a race. nbc's ayman mohyeldin tells us why it's been turned into an exercise of survival and cooperation. >> reporter: it began as a race to the south pole. wounded soldiers, hollywood actors and a prince. three teams all racing for a good cause. but this amazing race was taking a dangerous toll on the teams. >>
Dec 10, 2013 5:00am PST
except george h.w. bush who cannot fly because of medical reasons. the president and mrs. obama arrived to loud cheers along with george w. bush and laura bush and hillary clinton. >> there is a word in south africa mbuntu. a word that captures mandela's greatest gift. his recognition that we are all bound together in ways that are invisible to the eye. >> for family members it was a funeral for a loved one. mandela's widow and ex-wife shared an embrace before the service. starting tomorrow mandela's coffin will be carried through the streets every morning to give as many people as possible the chance to pay their final respects. a state funeral will be sunday. >> happening now, crews are on the scene of a stubborn smoky trash fire. it broke out about 9:00 last night in a warehouse in san francisco. chase cain live at the scene near candlestick park. what's it look like now? >> reporter: there's still smoke coming out of the building. we're near candle stick park. i trash pile that was the length of a football field and eight feet deep. that fire did break out around 9:00 and it
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)